“Sublimely Talented” – David Finch, Perfomingartshub.com.au


From swinging jazz guitar combo sounds from the 50’s to unique interpretations of modern classics, Adrian Whyte brings the cool factor. Whyte exhibits the diversity and virtuosity that comes with 23 years of studying the guitar but the down to earth musicality that comes from a hard working back ground including multiple tours with ‘Sun Rising – The Songs that Made Memphis’, international acclaim with his first original band ‘The Vaudevillains’ and nationally recognised solo albums. His first foray into jazz is a tasteful and accessible nod to jazz standards with the aptly titled “Old Jazz New School” album available on itunes.


You can find Adrian Whyte playing his solo jazz guitar arrangements in a local cafe or restaurant, swinging hard with a combo or touring with the Sun Records tribute show “Sun Rising – The Songs that Made Memphis” and occasionally performing his songwriter stuff solo or with the WCCM Combo.

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